Note to self: Time to ditch WEP secured WiFi

You know how there’s a special class of thinks which sit on your list of items ‘to do’ but somehow never make it to the top and just don’t get done. Well the WiFi at home has been in that category for perhaps two years. I have an old, sprawling brick house and need three access points to provide reasonable coverage. When I set it up (in 2007, I think) WEP was already insecure and outdated but now its really an embarrassment.

What’s the problem? WEP is an antiquated standard which is easily broken allowing unknown users into your network. This tutorial show you how to reveal the holes in your WEP WiFi in three minutes. ┬áSo rather than providing security against malicious users all it does is provide a veneer of apparent security and block you family and mates from using your network.

This week it has to go….!